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Monsoon Creative

Dirty Little Secret

Monsoon Creative have approached us with some fun jobs over the years,
but one that really stood out was the branding and signage for Dirty Little Secret, a rooftop bar in Wellington


Dirty Little Secret

The Dirty Little Secret Logo had a clear brief, it had to be unique, and it had to be influenced by the Sailor Jerry tattoos of the early 20th Century. Once we created the logo it was then applied to a range of collateral by Monsoon Creative, from signage, menus, advertising and stationery. During the construction of the bar Hootenanny was bought back in to hand paint the logo as a mural on the back wall, something that is still there today and a favourite photo spot of visiting instagrammers.


The Process

The reason Hootenanny became involved in these jobs is becasue they both required specialist illustration work to create the product. In both cases we began with a rough concept, sent to the clients to gather feedback and approval, it was then refined in Adobe Illustrator into the final product.

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