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Mohawk Media

New Zealand Drug Foundation

“Did You Know?” series

While we’ve done many design and illustration jobs with Mohawk Media over the years, one of the most satisfying has to be the work we did for the New Zealand Drug Foundation. Knowing that the work is for a good cause and educating young people on an important topic is really rewarding. Have a look at their fantastic resource here.

The target audience for this was teenagers and young people, and so the desicion was made that the best medium would be a series of comic posters and animations, as well as a book compiling all the comics together. What initially started as a series consisting on the effects of Alcohol, Marijuana, and volatile substances, eventually grew to encompass MDMA, Methamphetamine and psychoactive substances as well.

Comic V43.jpg
Meth Comic High.jpg

The end product looked great and the fact that its been really well recieved has lead to an exciting expansion of subjects and translations into multiple languages includeing Te Reo, Samoan, Tongan and Chinese.

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